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Here is one example in my life as a Residential Designer.  
A young couple came to me with a sketch of a plan they had seen.  But, it needed to be changed to meet their needs.  (It happens all the time where people see a plan but want this or that changed.)  So, we began working with them to come up with the plan that 'worked for them.'  We did that very thing.  They were happy and were ready to get going on building their new home.  However, even after the plan was 'finished'.....they still had things that they were thinking about.  Before they poured their foundation, I received a call and was asked if we could move their garage from the front of the house to the 'side' of the house.  We did it.
When it comes to making changes, IN THE COMPUTER IS THE TIME TO MAKE THOSE CHANGES......NOT IN THE FIELD!!!  It 'does' cost to make changes after designing the plan because the drawings used to create the 3D imagery must be 'broken down' when it comes to assembling the plan.  Therefore, if changes AFTER the plan is complete are requested, it  can be done....
The old days of using a drafting table and a T square with a pencil and an electric eraser are fading fast.  Even though that was the standard over the ages (and it worked very well), time has brought technology to our industry as well as every other industry.  Designing so that our clients can SEE with their very own eyes what they are wanting to do keeps them from making HUGE mistakes that would cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.  Everywhere we go; i.e. The Woodlands, Conroe, Kingwood, Huffman, Harris County or Montgomery County......everyone is the same.  They ALL want to see their project in 3D.

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