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April 18, 2010

Wallace E. Westbrook

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“Ideas NOT Being Included In Residential Design”

After having the most successful company in a truly Master Planned Community, The Woodlands, north of Houston, Texas, Wally Westbrook had a ‘change of direction in his own life; i.e. stroke and brain aneurysm.’ That was over a decade ago. What he learned along the way of recovery is that he would have to ‘retrain’, ‘retool’, ‘rethink’ everything in his life. He became a ‘new person’ with new ideas and new ways to look at life.

Therefore, he is announcing his NEW company with a NEW CONCEPT for designing homes. Westbrook said, “It’s just not ‘good enough’ to design the homes that look good and flow well. Other features need to be added in the design process. In today’s world, we have answers to not only having great homes but we can give owners some things to think about regarding what they should ‘put in their homes’ that will provide them a more perfect, pure environment.’ I’ve heard for decades, now, the complaints about allergies, mold, asthma....and so on. I think we, as designers, should HELP our clients to know about some things that may help them. Westbrook says, “I’m not a doctor and don’t want to pretend that I am. I am a residential and commercial designer who has kept my ears open to new things....things that are important to me and my family. I figure if it’s good for me and my family, it’s good for others as well. So, as I learn about a Fresh Air system that emits into the air something similar in nature to hydrogen peroxide, it only makes sense to me to pass it on.

My job is to expose....not make the decision. I’m like the ‘co pilot..... I share what I think, but I’m not the pilot. I’m the co pilot.” Another idea he is introducing is having an Alkaline Water system within the home. He has begun researching this idea and all reports point to ‘major success.’ Reports, newspaper articles, doctors and others are claiming ‘great results’ from drinking the Alkaline Water. Westbrook said, “I’ve learned that the body has a PH level of approximately 7.5. I’ve also learned that most diseases that I worry about ‘live’ in an environment where the PH level is at or below 7.5. The Alkaline Water that I ‘now’ drink has a PH level of 9.5. What I’ve always heard is whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander. So, I’m using myself as a test case.” Westbrook was always on the cutting edge of his competition when he was a builder in The Woodlands and other parts of the country. He has taken the same ‘cutting edge’ attitude into his NEW design company, WALLY WESTBROOK DESIGNS.


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