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Throughout history, architects and designers have drawn with their pencils and electric erasers on a drafting table.  Common sense tells you that it worked just fine....but NEVER BEFORE have the architects and building designers had the kind of tools that are available TODAY.  Just as the switch to 'dim the lights' for an oncoming car was once on the floor but now on the steering column, so is the technique of designing houses changed from single lines on a paper to 3D drawings in the computer.  Not only has the ability to see in 3D become available, but so has the ability to see it remotely; i.e. never leave your home or office....yet see exactly what's going on NOW!!!
Drawing in 3D means the designer must choose every stick of material going into the house, from base plate to ridge row.  Using 3D models of furniture helps one understand better way the home or building will function in real life.  Usually, when requested, the designer/architect can colorize the interior to a certain level.  However, because of the time it takes, will usually charge an hourly fee for doing so.  What's good for the builder/owner/consumer is that the materials are calculated as the designing is being developed.  Even though material takeoffs are not 100% accurate (it would be impossible to be 100% accurate because you would have to call each window company EVERYWHERE and each door company EVERYWHERE and each lumber company EVERYWHERE and so on...) they are MUCH BETTER TO HAVE THAN TO NOT HAVE.

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