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Recently I was asked to help a friend with a client who was wanting to see what 'could' be done.  Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is being able to see what is a 'thought' take shape in a 3D drawing.  The idea was to take an old structure and rework it and turn it into a very functional place for family and friends to go.
When converting a structure from one thing to another, we must first reconstruct the 'old' structure so we can 'go through the steps', in the computer, just as if we were doing it 'live'.....'on the job.'  What I am about to say doesn't compare nor do I want to in any way diminish but doing what needs to be done is somewhat like what I saw on television the other night whereby some Navy Seals were rehearsing for a mission.  They did a 'mock up' of the physical surroundings of what they were to encounter....  Then, they began going through the exercise of fulfilling their task at hand.  Over and over again was required, making sure everything was going to 'come off right.'
The lesson here is that 'one must START at the starting point.'  Visualizing everything in 3D allows the project to be more 'real'.....all the way through.

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